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Mario's Next Sports Venture Should Be Disc Golf

Mario has played many sports in his lifetime. From Tennis to Soccer, the mustached man has proven he can be good at anything he tries. My personal favorite has always been Mario Golf. I was never a fan of the real life sport of golf, but as a kid I fell in love with the game. We haven't seen a new Mario Golf game in over 6 years, so it's definitely time for a new one. However, it shouldn't be golf that Mario and his friends play in their next sports venture, but disc golf instead.

Now hear me out. At first you may think this is a crazy suggestion, but the more you think about it, the more it makes perfect sense. Nintendo, at its core, is all about innovation. Doing something new with its old franchises. The sport of disc golf plays very similarly to “ball” golf, just with discs instead of balls and clubs and chained baskets instead of holes. It even has a variety of types of discs including distance drivers, mid-range, and putters. It’s similar enough for players to easily grasp the concept and different enough to bring something new to the table. The perfect chance for Nintendo to take a well established franchise and do something new and fun with it.

Disc golf itself has been growing in popularity over the last several years. The number of courses and players are increasing every year. It is a much easier game to enjoy as a casual player than “ball” golf, and is a significantly cheaper investment as well. Introducing players to disc golf through Mario could cause countless people to fall in love with something that they didn;t know existed or didn’t know much about, like I did with “ball” golf back on the N64.

Making a Mario disc golf game seems like the perfect chance for Nintendo to do something new and fun without people having to think too much on if it’s something they would like. If you are a fan of Mario Golf, you’d be a fan of Mario Disc Golf. With the Switch being the huge success it is, a new Mario Golf game being long overdue, and the uncharted space of disc golf in the video game world, Mario Disc Golf could be a huge win for Nintendo, the sport of disc golf, and all the fans out there of both.

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